Clift Buick Gmc - DISHONEST & RACIST!!

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The most WORSE, RACIST, NON-PROFESSIONAL dealership I have ever been to in my LIFE!!!!!!

I spoke (on the phone) 4 different times with a Mike White, (over the phone he was courteous, friendly, and overly willing to help and work with me) and explained I had $7,000 CASH & a trade-in worth $1,000 but I was looking at another dealership as well. This RACIST *** asked what he could do so that he could get the sale. Stated he would drop the price ($6,000 cash), I explained in DETAIL I didn't want to make an unnecessary trip... If he couldn't GUARANTEE that what I was bringing was enough I would take my business elsewhere. He GUARANTEED yet AGAIN!!!!

I got there and his WHOLE STORY & GUARANTEE CHANGED!!!

I guess I didn't look the way I sounded on the phone and he MADE SURE TO SHOW IT!!! Not only did he NOT keep his word, but he was unapologetic about it!! He wasted my time, gas, mileage and told me "Oh, well. There's nothing I can do... You need MORE money! (for a $8,000 vehicle)"

If your WHITE then this would more than likely be a Paradise dealership for you. But if you are any other ethnicity OTHER THAN WHITE; STAY FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY from this dealership!!!

I even spoke to the OWNER regarding how I was treated by Mike White, and he told me that maybe I need to just go to whatever other dealership I was going to go to before, because they can't do ANYTHING FOR ME!!!! WOW!!!

Review about: Property Damage Repair.


Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #645630

AriesBeauty ignore the ignorant comment, there are *** people everywhere.You have to take the good with the bad.

Seems like you got a *** deal, sorry that happened to you.

If I were you I would have contacted their corporate office to let them know of the treatment you received.

Hope you find your vehicle and are treated better in your next experience.

Take Care.:)

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #645604

Thank you Dr. Jason :)

There are a LOT of very *** people in the world just like "nikalseyn" I just smh at how someone can be so unintelligent & ***. and laugh because he's nothing more than a "KG" (keyboard gangster) :grin

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #645586

You have a large chip on your shoulder and apparently consider everything in life to be race-related.Perhaps this is why your family rejected you and you failed the GED test.

All in all, no one really cares what someone of your obvious intelligence thinks if all you can do is feel "offended" by every set-back in life.

to nikalseyn Manhattan, New York, United States #645597

Its more than apparent that you are obviously very unintelligent, and have never experienced racial discrimination first hand.(FYI, I am Caucasian) I do not see where in this comment that this reviewer has a "chip" on their shoulder, or believes that "Everything is race-related" This reviewer shared 1 experience, how did you come up with such a broad, ignorant assessment?

It seems to me like they were promised one thing and then the salesman changed their story when the reviewer arrived.

Which in itself is bad business... That being said, the ignorant comment you left only shows just how uneducated YOU are. It never ceases to amaze me how many *** people there are in the world like yourself.

You know absolutely NOTHING about this reviewer but you decided to insult them.That speaks more of YOUR intelligence and character not theirs.

to nikalseyn #645602

Here's some advise; Get a job, get out of the trailer park, and get yourself a real partner because it's illegal to screw your sibling & mother. You know NOTHING about me, and you can shove your opinion up your diseased infested rectum!

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